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Plan 1 Health S.r.l.

Solari street   5, 33020 Amaro (UD) Italia

Tel. +39 0433.468376
Fax +39 0433.468383
Email info@p1h.it

Plan One Health is a company that has always focused on the research and development of innovative and sustainable therapeutic solutions to respond adequately to the challenges of health and well-being.

But in order to achieve our increasingly ambitious goals, the precious collaboration of our staff is essential.

Thanks to our highly qualified and motivated professionals we have managed to reach the current quality standards and we hope to be able to further improve them in the future.

Plan One Health, with a view to expansion and continuous innovation, evaluates applications for personnel who have acquired technical skills in the sector.

Fill out the form below and send us your CV you could be the candidate for the position we were looking for:

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