Poly flex adva

Nouvo Safety

Nouvo Safety

Nouvo Safety

Poly flex adva

I.V. cannula with quick flash and advance


Advantages: Safety and Comfort

> Quick Flashback instantly confirms successful venipuncture
> Adva Needle technology enhances success in first-prick of needle
> Instant confirmation of blood flow along catheter body increases clinician’s ability to successfully access the vein

Code Description
12001-12036 Polyflon I.V. Cannula
12040-12068 Polycan I. V. Cannula
12180-12194 Polycath I. V. Cannula
12200-12228 Polypen I. V. Cannula
12240-12242 Polyneo I. V. Cannula
12243-12244 Neonovo I. V. Cannula
12080-12108 Polywin I. V. Cannula
12080-12108 Polyflex I. V. Cannula

Micro Clave** Clear Connector Reduces The Risk Of Catheter Related Bloodstream Infections (CRBSI)

User Friendly, Self Activating Safety Mechanism Prevents Needle Stick Injuries.

Flexible Perforated Soft Wings

Quick Flashback Needle Technology ensures successful venepuncture

Advantages of Micro Clave Clear in Nouvo Safety Set

> Clear housing allows for visualization of the internal fluid path
> Effectively clears blood and blood residual with low flush volumes
> Minimal blood reflux in the catheter tip upon connection or disconnection with luer

Compatible with Power injectors upto 325-330 PSI Also suitable for sub-cutaneous infusion

**Micro Clave Connector is the registered trademark of ICU Med,USA

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