• Continuous Wound Infusion
    Continuous Wound Infusion is a technique which uses a multi-holed catheter to deliver local anaesthetics or analgesics directly into the wound for postoperative pain relief. It can be used as a single technique or as part of a multi-modal analgesic approach.
  • Effective Postoperative Analgesia 
    The continuous wound infusion of local anaesthetics or analgesics has been proven to provide an effective postoperative analgesia in in-patients and ambulatory settings to patients undergoing orthopaedic, and thoracic surgical procedures as well as laparotomy hernia repair, and C-section.
  • Reduces Opioid Usage
    This analgesic technique reduces the need for systemic opioids in the postoperative period.
  • Safe Technique
    Continuous infusion of local anaesthetics or analgesics in the surgical wound for postoperative analgesia is a safe technique as it does not increase the number of wound infections does not impair the wound healing process and does not generate toxic levels of local anaesthetics in the patient’s plasma.
  • Reduce Hospitalisation
    A few studies found that the continuous wound infusion technique allows for a reduction of the patient’s length of stay in hospital.
  • Excellent Patient Satisfaction
    Continuous wound infusion for postoperative analgesia provides excellent patient satisfaction.