The catheters of the Healthport system are available in Silicone and Polyurethane.

They are available in diameters from 5FR to 8FR (10,5 FR the double lumen); the 5FR version is made of Polyurethane (last generation, with high long term biostability), all the others are made of silicone.

Catheter Ø Int Ø Ext FR or Ga Introducer Set
Sil. 8FR 1,5 2,7 8FR 9FR
Sil. 8FR 65 shA 1,3 2,8 8FR 9FR
Sil. 6,5FR 1,0 2,0 6,5FR 6.5FR
Pur 5FR 1,1 1,7 5FR 5FR
Sil. D.L. 1,0/1,3 3,4 10,5FR 11FR
Arterial 1,0 2,1 6,5FR
Spinal p.a. 0,5 1 19Ga
Spinal p.c. 0,5 1 19Ga
Pur 6FR Power 1,3 2,0 6FR 6.5FR
Pur 8FR Power 1,6 2,7 8FR 9FR