• Reverse Tapering: For an easy and safe implantation procedure reducing risk of bleeding. Reverse tapering offers also an excellent resistance to kinking.
  • Optimized design to reach the maximum flow rates “Power” in the market. All catheter versions, including also the 3FR, are in fact Power injectable.
  • Complete Micro Introducer Set: HEALTHPICC catheter, Introducer needle, Nitinol guidewire, Dilator/Introducer, Stainless steel stylet, Safety scalpel, Stylet clamping connector with sideport, Needle-free connector, Grip-lok adhesive by Zefon, Paper meter, 1 or 2 clamps (depending if mono or bilumen), 2 Instructions for use leaflets, 
    Patient card
  • Compatible with the ECG technique for the tip positioning.